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What can one expect from the interview process from A.T Kearney, PWC & Deloitte, from an experienced hire with an MBA perspective? Are the salaries higher than a freshly minted MBA? The location for this is in the U.S.

Anonym A fragte am 21. Jun 2018 - 2 Antworten
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Benjamin bearbeitete seine Antwort am 22. Jun 2018
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Regarding A.T.Kearney, they hire freshly minted MBA at associate position, this is in their standard process. When you add experience to this, they will eventually considere your situation indivivudally and this would very much depend on your experience (type of industry, nbre of years of experienced). What they can offer in the end is either an associate position with fast track perspective (you'll have higher salary, and perspective to be manager in short term), or hire you directly at Manager grade if they think you can do the job. Depending on your experience this latter option can be challenging, especially if this is your first experience in a consulting like industry.

Don't hesitate to reach me if you have more specific questions. If you detail a bit more your experienced I should be able to help appreciate mor specifically what they could offer.



Francesco antwortete am 22. Jun 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

as Benjamin said, as for the position and therefore salary it really depends on how many years of experience you have. Usually the path is the following:

  • With <4 years, no MBA: analyst position, potentially in fast track for associate according to seniority
  • With 4+ years, no MBA: associate position, potential with trial period as analyst
  • With 4+ years and MBA: associate position, potentially in fast track for manager
  • With 6+ years and MBA: manager position, potentially with trial period as associate

Salary will vary accordingly to the seniority you would enter. Interview style will be the classical fit+case, with more focus on leadership experiences for more senior roles. The previous structure also depends on:

  • The role you had in your previous working experience (the closer to consuting, the more recognition you get)
  • The need of the company for your specific skills (the more they need them, the more recognition you get)
  • The experience you had in leading teams (the higher, the more you can aim for manager positions)



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