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We started this Forum to give you a place where you can ask any questions you have about your consulting dream job - whether it is about the salary, working hours, dress code or the interview process at a particular consulting company. There are questions you probably shouldn’t ask during an interview, but you can ask any of your questions on our Consulting Forum! Ask your questions and get answers from other candidates and Consulting Experts.

However, this forum has the potential to be even more than a Q&A platform. It can be a place where like-minded people talk about their passion and their dream job consulting, no matter how far along they are on their career ladder. Here, you can discuss interesting issues, struggles you have encountered and form a great consulting community!

So let’s give it a shot and make the community spirit come alive! We welcome you to share with us and the community where you’re from, what your goals are, why you joined the forum and what you expect from it.

Let’s build up a great network to help you land your dream job in consulting!


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Anonym antwortete am 30. Apr. 2020

Hey Astrid,

thank you very much for this opportunity.


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Luc antwortete am 29. Nov. 2016
Going for Transport, Logistics and SCM. Looking for exchange of knowledge about these topics

Hey Astrid,

thank you very much for this opportunity.

I already made some experiences with this forum and can confirm - it really is a unique place for asking any sort of prep-related questions!


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Malte antwortete am 22. Nov. 2016
Intermediate prepping for entry-level position


I just joined preplounge and the forum because I'm considering looking for an internship in consulting. In general, I'm interested in the consulting industry and hope to get some useful information here on the forum!

I'm from Germany, currently studying business administration in Mannheim in the 3rd semester.


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