Victor Cheng Ultimate Consultant / Industry Toolkit / Data Analysis - Cost Split

Peter van der Poel fragte am 20. Apr 2019 - 3 Antworten

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase any of the "new consultant" packages from Victor Cheng, including:

-Ultimate Consultant Toolkit

-Ultimate Industry Toolkit

-Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit

-How to Succeed in Management Consulting

Let me know if you would like to split the cost and if so, which resources you're interested in. If we have a large group of interested than we can buy it together.

Info here:

3 Antworten

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Anonym A antwortete am 20. Apr 2019

I am willing to buy together with other people! Will send a private message.

Rachel antwortete am 22. Jun 2019


Am interested and have sent in a dm! :)

Peter van der Poel bearbeitete seine Antwort am 1. Jun 2019

Just bumping this up. There is now in total 2 people. We have bought this week. If anybody else interested let me know and we can loop you into the purchase.


Hi ..I am interested. can you please let me know how much is the total price? I am interested in the Ultimate consulting toolkit — Ranjan am 15. Okt 2019 (editiert)

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