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Does anyone have a sense of how long it takes to hear back after having the pre screen/first round 30 minute evaluative case call with McKinsey? I did mine with an alumni over the phone on 2/17 and he (the alumni) did not provide any timeline on hearing back.

It has already been two days and I am getting worried.

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antwortete am 20. Feb 2019
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Interviewers often have no incentive to give feedback beyond a soft request from their office recruiting team and the fuzzy idea that they'd like feedback if in their shoes. Life gets in the way, they are busy... and often will just let time pass then rationalize that "it's too late now"

I would follow up

That isn't how the process was described to me; the briefing email and communications with the recruiter specifically say that the feedback from the first phone case would dictate whether or not I progress to the next round. — Peter Benassi am 21. Feb 2019

antwortete am 20. Feb 2019
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Why don't you simply call / write the HR?

I did, but the recruiter has not replied yet. I'm curious if this is a bad sign. — Peter Benassi am 21. Feb 2019

Anonym A antwortete am 27. Mär 2019

Hi Peter,

Hope you're doing well. I have a similar Phone Case interview. I would love to know how the interview went and the type of case asked.

Reason being, 30 min seems short to give a full fledged case. In addition since its a phone interview its harder to convey information & data (i.e exhibits) that would feature in longer cases.

Please let me know your thoughts!


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