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Ops Cases - Mck Implementation

Anonym A fragte am 14. Mai 2018 - 1 Antwort

Hi Experts ,

I recently gave the round 1 for Mck Implementation and both the cases tested only the operational aspects . ( case 1 : Mining case ; case 2 : Beer manufacturing plant ) . i am struggling to find sources that have ops cases similar to the ones I got ( things like overall equipment efficiency (OEE) , asset utilization of production lines ) . Any suggestions on where can i find these cases?

Also for the second round , how would the process differ from the first one cosidering that this round will have partners ?

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antwortete am 15. Mai 2018
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I have not seen that many operational cases available online. Feel free to reach me if you need to practice them.

There are several types of operational cases that you have to master:

1) Operational math problems. (e.g. Should we increase the speed of the elevator or just buy a second one? How should we reduce the queues? How should we increase the output of a factory?).


  • Usually, you have to look at the process. Even the most complicated systems have the inflows and outflows

The key concepts that you have to learn:

  • Capacity and utilization (both machine and people)
  • Cycle time, Throughput time, Little's Law
  • How the does lowest cycle time influence the production? (Lead time = cycle time of the slowest process)
  • How can we mitigate the bottlenecks with low cycle time? (Buffer, Parallel process, speeding up)

2) Cost cutting cases


  • What is the cost composition and what are the biggest costs
  • Benchmarking of the biggest costs to find the improvement potential
  • Process improvements to meet the benchmarks
  • Costs and benefits of the proposed initiatives

The key concepts that you have to learn:

  • Internal / external benchmarking
  • Idle time
  • Core processes (usually are optimized) and the supporting processes (usually are cut)
  • Math structures (Frequency of operations * time per operation)
  • Other useful structures (e.g. people - process - technology)

Feel free to reach me for further help with these cases.

3) Bottleneck cases (e.g. Huge write-offs in the meat store or bottleneck on the bridge)


You draw a value chain and go through it to find a bottleneck.

E.g. for the meat write-offs it will be:

  • Supplier issues (packaging, meat quality, warehousing)
  • Transportation (Length, fridges)
  • Store (Refrigerators in the warehouse, in-store fridges, demand for the meet)

For the second round - the structure is absolutely the same, however the partners usually tend to be more demanding. Be prepared to:

  1. Lead the case yourself
  2. Answer tough clarifying questions in the FIT part
  3. Answer function-specific questions (ops in your case)


Very insightful, thank you..I think i'll need to practice with you some Ops cases Vlad! — Doruk am 4. Apr 2019

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