Oliver Wyman Jakarta Office - Final Rounds

Oliver Wyman
Neue Antwort am 7. Nov 2019
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Anonym A fragte am 29. Okt 2019

Anyone applying for the Jakarta office? Their scheduled interview is on this Friday - has anyone heard back from them?

I reached out to the recruiters a while back, they told me that we would hear back this week?


Anyone received offers from OW Jakarta already?


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Jonathan antwortete am 7. Nov 2019

I also got no follow-up on this. Have you got anything since this post?

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Anonym A am 10. Nov 2019
Hi Jonathan, I actually was invited to their interview on Thursday. The interview process was really quick - it was a two days process. If you didnt hear back, seems like you didnt make the cut - they only invited about 25 applications for first round. May want to reach out to the recruiting team for feedback. Sorry!
Anonym A am 10. Nov 2019
I was actually notified on Oct 31st