Networking with people who used to work at the same firm

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Anonym A fragte am 17. Mai 2020

I am thinking of reapplying to MBB in 1-2 years. Currently, I have joined another firm and I am thinking of networking and maintaining relationship with MBB workers to increase my future chance. I plan to network with those who had worked previously at my firm and then exited to MBB.

I'd like to know whether networking with people who previously worked at the same company will have any concerns. Would they think I am "unstable and over-aggressive", as I have already started networking with them when I just joined my new firm? Also, would it backfire me - maybe my colleague will know I have a clear exit plan and take my current role as a stepping stone.

Thanks for your advice!

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I think that is a good approach, honestly.

However, you need to handle it carefully, precisely not to sound too agrresive.

Furthemore, don´t start from the very beggining, allow some time to settle, to start building network arround other topics, etc.

At the end, you are not in a huge hurry either.

Hope it helps!



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Overall, this is a good approach. The timeline does feel a bit weird (normally I would recommend reaching out to them when you are looking at applying), but the principle is correct.

If you're networking with them now, I view this much more as truly building ties, not having a few quick coffee chats etc. As such, I wouldn't make it so clear to them that you're already keen on MBB...let the relationships take their course, and when you're ready to make the jump you let them know.

Also, just be careful with your existing don't want people thinking that all you want to do is leave.

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Anonym antwortete am 18. Mai 2020

Dear A,

I understand your concern. However, you've picked the right strategy to target your previous colleagues, now working at MBB firms. Now, it's a very good strategy to make your foot in the door of MBB firms, eventually. Of course, you need to be aware of the fact, that they still might be in a contact and very good relationship with your current employer. But, it's hard to judge in general, only case by case decision. So, be careful and try to build long-lasting trustful relationship with your former, or may be future colleagues.

Good luck,

and feel free to reach out if you need any help,


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Anonym antwortete am 17. Mai 2020

Hi there,

Good thinking - reaching out to people who share a similar background as you is a good approach because they are more likely to help out because they have been in your shoes not too long ago.

Now, what you need to keep in mind is that "networking" is not just the act of sending one Linkedin message now and after two years you send them your CV for a referral. Reach out to those alumni that are now in MBB, try to understand their story and how they were able to make the jump, get some advice.

What could also help is to join "consulting clubs" in your previous university - make connections with those people, crack cases together, get to know them, and become friends. Odds are some of them will join MBBs, and given the fact that they have practiced with you and know your capabilities, they could potentially help out with a referral.

Best of luck


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Anonym antwortete am 19. Mai 2020

Hey there,

It is a good thought to connect with these people. It could be very insightful for you. So do go for it.

Meanwhile, just be careful of how you position it. Be more subtle about your wish to jump ship, since you just started. Position as learning from their experiences in how they excel in consulting, what tips they have for you regarding your current company (now that they left they should be able to give you answers that are more closer to truth instead of politically correct ones), why they left, etc...

Follow up occiassionally afterwards, and probably only ask about transition details a bit later.



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