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Anonym A fragte am 16. März 2021

I'm wondering if the other MBB offices in Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Doha etc) and Australia will hire people from Europe or those who need sponsorship/visa? I am Irish (not living there right now)and will need sponsorship/visa. My background is in healthcare, I have 6 years experience and I am in the final months of a management MSc.

I interviewed with McKinsey London in 2020 and was told I wasn't quite at the level they require yet and to re-apply in 2021. Tax-free salary/ lifestyle and Covid-19 are a factor in my location decision. However, I don't want to put down locations on my application where I won't be eligible and miss out on an opportunity.


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Hi there!

In this case I’d recommend to focus on the Middle East. Why? Because applying for jobs in consulting internationally is always a challenge. It’s not only important to a bunch of demanded skills, including language ones on the highest level but to present understandable background in your CV. By that I mean that a person who is reviewing your CV may be from another part of the world and have absolutely no idea about the educational systems, grades, outcomes assessment in your country and how to properly consider your experience. The lack of time, knowledge and competence of a person who is hiring or considering your CV may lead to further difficulties for international applying because it’s always easier and more predictable to analyse the background you have been familiar with.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Good Luck!

Feel free to reach out.


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Hi there,

I can tell you that it's incredibly hard to make this happen in Australia. The government got a lot tighter on skilled immigration a few years ago, making it very tough (read: expensive) to hire people from outside the country.

Also, think about it - a country of 22M against a global population of 7B - there isn't room to meet all that demand.

I don't think I knew a single foreign hire direct into the Australian office (any foreigner there was there from a direct office transfer and had already been working at BCG for multiple years)

I would steer clear of Australia applications unless you have a visa (or can get the 2 year British/Commonwealth Working Holiday Visa - must be under 30 years old and from Northern Ireland).

Middle East, and, in particular, UAE will be a safer bet.


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I owuld focus on ME, Australia has been traditionally one of the most difficult makets in terms of visas -I don´t even wanto to imagine with COVID-.

Hope it helps!



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The Middle East is absolutely a pathway to apply if you are from Aus or Europe. Let me know if you want any further info on the best way to go about this

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