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Sarthak fragte am 12. Mai 2016 - 4 Antworten

Hi - I have a McKinsey PST coming up in 1-2 weeks. For additional practice, I am looking for someone to share paid practice material with, especially Victor Cheng's 3 PSTs + video lectures (part of his practice toolkit) and/or practice PSTs from Open to sharing other PST material as well. Please let me know if interested.

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Sun antwortete am 9. Jun 2019

I'm interested . my email : s***********@g****.com,


Sunny Sun

Federico antwortete am 2. Mai 2019

I am in your same situation. Write to privatly, or at C***************@a****.it

ff antwortete am 1. Mai 2019

Hi, Would you still have these materials on your hands to share? thank you so much in advance!

antwortete am 11. Jul 2017
McKinsey & Company, now Venture Capital, before banking lawyer
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Hi Sarthak, I was a lawyer before McKinsey so PST was a HUGE problem for me initally. Properly understanding how to tackles different types of question helped a lot. Check out this web, summarizes it nicely:


Hi Jakub! Please, share your experience on preparation to the PST. You referred to mconsultingprep to get some mock tests there. But the amount of prep questions they sell is not sufficient to prepare properly! What was your preparation strategy, where did you find additional practice wuestions and how long did the preparation take? Thanks a lot! — Andrew am 18. Sep 2017

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