McKinsey PST practice resources

Simon fragte am 22. Nov 2016 - 11 Antworten
Preparing for Mck, Bain and Bcg interviews.

Hello everyone! If anybody would like to cost share on a few extra PST practice papers please send me a message. Many thanks, Simon

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Ray antwortete am 26. Nov 2016

Hi Simon,

I have 3 extra practice tests bought it a month ago. If you share your email I send it to you.

Hi Ray, please may I have them to? d********@g****.com — Dimitri am 9. Feb 2017

hi, could you send me please? g*********@g****.com — Natalia am 15. Feb 2017

Hi Ray, could you send me please? i************@g****.com — Ilia am 12. Apr 2017

Hey could you send me the practice tests as well. M*************@h******.com — mashal am 9. Jul 2017

hi Ray, or anyone, could you please share the practice as well? a**********@g****.com — Andra am 4. Aug 2017

Jorge antwortete am 26. Dez 2018

Hello! Can someone send me the practise tests? Thank you very much.


omar antwortete am 25. Sep 2018

Hi everybody, could you share the PST samples with me as well?

my email is o********@a*******.edu

Gabriele bearbeitete seine Antwort am 22. Apr 2018

Hi all, could you share these pdfs with me as well?

My email is gb.gabrielebrambilla AT gmail DOT com



Sara antwortete am 24. Aug 2017


Would be very grateful for the tests! l*********@m***.ru

Rahul antwortete am 6. Mär 2017
McK 2nd round cases

Hi Simon, can you please share the cases with me. my email r************@g****.com

Please let me know if I can be of help to you in any way if you are looking for partice partner or case books-got loads of them :)

Cheers, Rahul

Hey! Saw your message as a recent one. :) If you have received the tests could you possibly share? :) l*********@m***.ru — Sara am 24. Aug 2017

Jack antwortete am 15. Dez 2016

Hi there Ray,

If at all possible, would you be able to share these resources with me too?

Thanks so much pal, it is greatly appreciated!



Rohan antwortete am 15. Dez 2016

Hello Ray,

Can you share the practice tests to me too?


Thanks a lot

Cindy antwortete am 13. Dez 2016

Good luck all. I hope we all past the test !!

Cindy antwortete am 13. Dez 2016

Hi Ray,

Would you mind sharind the practice tests to me as well. Would greatly appreciate it.



Anonym A antwortete am 5. Dez 2016

Hi Ray,

Would you mind sending it to me those 3 extra practice tests as well to my email?

winataw at gmail dot com, Thank you.

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