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McKinsey Phone Interview

Anonym A

Hi guys,

I am invited for a phone interview with McKinsey. Does anybody have any experience with this phone interview? I didn´t find much in the internet and it seems quite uncommon? Best regards, Lisa

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Anonym B antwortete am 22.06.2016

Hi there,

to also shed some light for following readers: I recently had something quite similar. In my case, it was an invitation to do participate in a "trial case interview" at McKinsey & Company.

I was being told that this is a possibility for me to assess what to expect in the real interview, but I also heard from a lot of friends that this might be a pre-assessment of your skills in order for them to assess whether you are "worth the consultant's time" in the real one, or not.

I suppose that you are applying in Germany? I heard from a couple of friends that they had a phone interview like yours, and I also talked to a Recruiter of McKinsey & Company in Germany. They told me that this is a "real round 1 interview" and you will be invited to the in-person interviews, if you can perform as expected.

So I can recommend to learn and act, as if this is the real one.

However, in any case: Relax and sit back, since this one will be in a comfortable atmosphere.

Sincerely, B

antwortete am 21.06.2016
Experienced McKinsey consultant

Hey Lisa,

I know a lot about phone interviews @ McK.

Pls let me know if you want my help.

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