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Anonym A fragte am 9. Aug. 2019

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question, is the hierarchy for the operations practice the same as for the main strategy arm. In particular, does a position of junior associate exist in the operations stream too?
Thank you!

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There is no strategy arm at McKinsey. Working as a generalist you will perform all types of projects (Including operations and strategy).

However, there are separate practices with dedicated experts that have similar or different hierarchies. Ops one has a similar hierarchy.

P.s. Junior Associate is not a very common role at McKinsey in general. Usually, you can:

  • Start as a junior associate if you did not perform at the interview well enough for an associate-level / or your work experience is not enough to apply for an associate role
  • Be promoted to junior associate if your performance is not good enough directly for an associate



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Anonym A am 9. Aug. 2019

I was under the impression JA was the natural entry point for people with PhDs but no other work experience

Vlad am 9. Aug. 2019

It may be the case as well at some offices


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