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Hi all,

I have been invited to the first round at McKinsey London for their full-time BA role in 2 weeks. I have had some experience with case practice (c.100 cases in the past 3 years), and have gone through case interviews last year with 6 companies and got 3 offers, but no experience interviewing with MBB, and little experience with interviewer-led cases (c.10% of all cases I've done were interviewer-led). Here are my main questions regarding the round:

  • How should I best prepare for McKinsey-style interviews? I've only cleared real interviewer-led cases with boutique firms. I plan on just practicing those until the interview but are there any high-level differences I can already try to take in during my preparation (e.g. regarding interviewer expectations, assessment criteria, interviewee mind-set, industries covered, types of cases etc.)?
  • How should I best prepare the PEI interview? I have stories prepared from previous consulting interviews but I am aware that McKinsey tends to be quite specific with this part of the assessment. My stories are currently either noted down on a Word doc but I believe I may have to break down my stories even further down to very specific details (e.g. how I felt when X happened, what did Y said when they learned about Z etc.). My stories were also usually dug in deeper for 10ish minutes whereas I think McKinsey may stretch any one story for longer. Any tips on the types of stories preferred and how to prepare them upfront would be extremely helpful.
  • How is the interview round structured in London? HR has not provided any details on the round structure yet. Are the PEI and case interviews separated, or does each interview usually have a bit of both? How many interviews are there usually at this stage, with whom are they held and how long do they last?
  • How is the overall BA application process structured in London? Is it 2 rounds or more, and how many interviews are there usually in the different rounds?
  • I have a T2 offer also in London, is this worth mentioning at all during the application process? I personally don't think it is, as from a reputational standpoint McK > T2, but I would like confirm that via second opinions.

Any additional advice would also be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help!


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All of your questions are answered in many, many threads on here. Use the search bar!

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