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MBB working hours in Dubai/Singapore

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Anonym A fragte am 22. Nov 2017

Dear Preps & Experts,

Does anyone have further information or insight into the working conditions and hours at MBB in Dubai and/or Singapore?

Do consultants have to work on weekends?

Any help or comparisons appreciated

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Anonym B antwortete am 23. Nov 2017

I can speak only about Dubai only.

Consultant work long hours, that's how the industry is and mostly due to time and budget constraint on the projects.

MBB consultants based in Dubai work 12 hours per day on average. They mostly do projects in Saudi Arabia as that's' the main market for consulting these days. There is not much to do there, so people go to the hotel (usually Ritz Carlton in Riyadh) after the client site and continue from there.

Sometimes you need to pull an all-nighter and sometimes weekends are in danger too, if there is a tight deadline for a client deliverable or a proposal.

Hope this helps

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Singapore has a reputation of being one of the hardest working markets for MBB firms. The culture is thorough and straight-laced, with demanding clients and tough competition.

Dubai is (relatively) much more relaxed, with relatively consistent ~12 hour days during the week, with Saudi being a bit destination at the moment (for BCG in particular and some top-heavy McKinsey teams) due to the massive national restructuring underway there.

Regular weekend work is relatively rare in MBB across almost all markets (I can think of exceptions in Italy and South Korea), but obviously sometimes it is necessary and the frequency of which will come down to the quality of case leadership and partner client management. As a junior, you have to hope you're working with good people.

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