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Anonym A fragte am 4. Jun 2019 - 3 Antworten

Can someone elaborate on the leadership skill? What if i didn't have any or limited chances for leading a team in the past? can you explain a bit about expected leadership skills by the interviewer? thanks

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Anonym antwortete am 6. Jun 2019

Hi there,

"You don't need a title to be a leader"

You can have great leadership stories even as an intern. I would suggest you determine leadership dimensions and match them with your stories.

For example, if you define leadership as

  • doing an empathy
  • proactively taking a responsibility
  • ability to relate with different people
  • facing with failures
  • winning not only the minds but also the hearts
  • motivating others
  • doing sacrifices when necessary
  • high commitment
  • establishing trust-based relationships
  • helping others to grow
  • etc...

You can extend this list. Then think about your experience and what dimensions you addressed in those stories and how. This approach can help you to craft your leadership story and communicate it effectively.


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Hi Anonymous,

leadership is about conducting a whole team, as the appointed leader, in a challenging situation, managing to bring a positive outcome. As mentioned by Vlad, you don’t necessarily need to have direct reports for a good leadership story – it could come from any university or extracurricular activity where you were the official leader.

Ideally, you should be the appointed leader of the team though in these examples. If this is not the case (eg you were simply a teamplayer), the story would be about a teamwork experience and not a leadership one.

In case you are interested in the other McKinsey dimension, impact and drive, you can find an explanation for them at the following link:




Vlad antwortete am 5. Jun 2019
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When the consultants ask you to provide an example of leading others or working in teams, most probably they are looking for a leadership story

For those of you applying for junior positions, leadership does not necessarily mean being a supervisor. Organizing various stakeholders, being in charge of a study project, leading your team in a competition - all these examples will make a good story. Leadership is about finding an opportunity and managing stakeholders to achieve it.

Good leadership story should have a number of elements:

  1. Did you take additional responsibility (more than it was expected from you)
  2. Did the situation has a real problem?
  3. Did you have your own team of direct reports / a group of external stakeholders whose work you had to organize?
  4. Have you organized the process to structure and simplify the work of other people?
  5. Did you motivate others?
  6. Have you used the leadership tools that consultants usually use on their projects?
  7. How big was the impact?