It's pride month: how do you feel about the diversity in the big consulting firms?

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I know firms work on their women rate but what about LGBTQIA+?

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Speaking of UK market, its turning a corner and improving a lot. Big consulting firms specially are putting a lot of effort and trying hard in the inclusion & diversity domain. This is being done in a holistic way from hiring, onboarding, retention to extenal events.

Still some distance to go, but right steps are being taken.

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Diversity is an important part of all consulting firms. The efforts to be more diverse have only intensified over the last few years and will continue to increase over time. Is there a specific question you had with regards to diversity?

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Hi there,

While it does depend on the office, MBB are doing a lot in this space. In Australia in particular we had a fairly well-representated population and multiple awareness initiatives.

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Hi, I confirm there are across major MBB offices initiatives and internal working groups on LGBT


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It’s very hard to say for sure, because this question definetly depends on the region, culture, persuasion and history. In comparison with Europe and Middle East the attitude to LGBTQIA+ completely not the same, and you can guess why .

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