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Anonym A fragte am 16. Apr. 2017

Hi everyone! Did anyone go through the interview process for an internship with DHL Consulting and can share their experience?

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Lena antwortete am 18. Apr. 2017
Looking for experienced partners to train for job interviews in consulting.

I went through this process last year and did my internship there as well. The interviews are divided into two parts. The first is about your CV and, most importantly, about the stories you need to prepare regarding your behavior within a team. Have these stories and their analysis plus conclusion(s) straight since the interviewer really goes into details and asks you specific questions. The second part is, as Hermat said, a case interview focusing on the operational part of logistics and supply chain. But don't forego all the strategy cases since I also had one in my interview there. In general, I enjoyed both the interviews and working there. It is a great atmosphere and during the interviews, they help you if you ask - but ask the right questions. Good luck for your interviews!

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Anonym antwortete am 17. Apr. 2017

I did, but it was back in 2012. The interview was just like any other case interview, but heavily focused on supply chain, logistics, and cost management. The areas you need to focus on for DHL as a consultant focus heavily on operational side of things, rather than "corp strategy" though that is also a part of what you do.

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Anonym antwortete am 28. Apr. 2020

Hi A,

One of me mentees had an interview in DHL consulting 2 weeks ago. So as for common structure of interview 1st round involved behavioral + case. 2nd Round involved two more cases very focused on supply chain. There was a strong emphasis on the framework you built to tackle the case.

Hope it helps,

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