Impact of COVID-19

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Anonym A fragte am 19. Juni 2020

Dear BearingPoint Team,

I'm curious to know how this pandemic has affected your business as well as your way of working? Do you think being on the client site the whole week and all the traveling involved will be reduced in the future as one can see that it works remotely as well?

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Maximilian antwortete am 19. Juni 2020
Senior Business Consultant

Of course Covid-19 has affected our ways of working as well. For more than two month 95% of our work was done remotely from our home office. However, as restrictions are loosened we are slowly starting to schedule client on-site meetings again and are also returning (part-time) to our offices. Since consulting is people business the personal interaction with colleagues and clients is a crucial part of our daily work and cannot be substituted by virtual collaboration tools. Nevertheless, we suppose that the way of working will not completely return to a post-crisis level in terms of travelling and on-site presence at our client's offices.

One of my colleagues has shared some of his thoughts about the post Covid-19 workplace (German only)

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