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How to organize workstreams in a consulting engagement?

Anonym A fragte am 8. Aug 2018

What aspects should I take into consideration?

How are workstreams organized in an engagement?

I would love to see an example!


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Benjamin antwortete am 8. Aug 2018
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The best proxy of workstream organisation is the structuring of the case interview.
The workstream organization is performed by the manager, who will break down the initial engagment into multiple independant workstreams. This is a key work that will condition the futur success of the team :

- Independant : each workstream is independant. It can ben conducted by one or several consultants and have interactions with the other workstream, but it has it's own deliverables

- Exhaustive : all together the work stream cover the whole scope of the engagement

- proper size : we foster simplicity and try to create workstream with the right size (not too small, not to big) so it can be manager by a workstream leader

Hope this helps

Vlad antwortete am 9. Aug 2018
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Agree with Benjamin.

However, the workstreams very often may be structured by client assets / products or just by the scope of the project / client needs. Also, the number of people depends on the budget and often has low correlation with a scope (especially for the new clients). Here are some examples from the real projects:

  • Cost-cutting at the store area / cost-cutting at the warehouse / cost-cutting at HQ / omni-channel strategy
  • Due diligence of asset 1/ due diligence of asset 2 / synergies calculation
  • Sales strategy of a corporate bank / creating a transaction banking department

As you can see very often it's more than just one problem / area. In order to cover the needs of the projects, very often MBB companies use interns / part-time help / etc who can take the whole streams.


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