How is Roland Berger‘s staffing model?

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I would like to know how RB‘s staffing model is organized. Especially if I look at the Areas of expertise matrix with the different functions and industries. Furthermore, would a new hire start in a specific function or industry or both?

Best regards and thanks in advanced

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Linda antwortete am 18. Sept. 2018

Dear user,

with your start at Roland Berger you can choose between joining a functional (e.g. Digital, Restructuring etc.) or an industry competence center (e.g. Financial Services, Automotive etc.). Functional competence centers are thereby operating across all industries, whereas industry competence centers are operating within all kind of functionalities.

This model of specialization is extremely exciting as you are developing expert knowledge in a broad, but still specialized field in early stage! Sure, you will be mainly staffed regarding the project portfolio according to your competence center, however, you can bring in your project wishes and discuss your development with your mentor referring to project staffing.

I, as a Digital Consultant for example, was not only staffed on Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy projects across the Automotive, Financial Services, Public Sector and Media Industry but also on a Corporate Performance Improvement project. You see, this concept enables the possibility to focus on a topic without loosing sight of other industries/functionalities.

Warm regards, Linda

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