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Hi everyone. Anyone has examples of BCG Potential Test? For example pdfs of Training Programme of igotanoffer website? thanks

BCG numerical potentialtest
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Anonym fragte am 22. Jan. 2017

What are your tips/tricks for the numerical test of BCG? How do you prepare for it?

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Anonym A bearbeitete die Antwort am 24. Jan. 2017


Time is the biggest factor when it comes to those tests (BCG you have to answer like 25 questions in 40 minutes), so you should have had some practice skimming text and be really good at mental math. Practice with some math tools or piece of paper. In most cases I don’t think you are allowed to bring a calculator, and even so you will save much time using mental math. You get 3 points for a correct answer, 0 for no answer and minus 1 point for a wrong answer, so don't just guess.

Hope I could help you. Best of luck!


Yerke am 25. Jan. 2017

Hey Norah. I have BCG potential test from igotoffer. Last year, I did gmatlike test, then written case. BCG Moscow office cancelled potential test. I am not sure whether it is true for all offices.

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Thank you all :)

Andra am 6. Juli 2017

Hi Yerkenaz, do you still have an example of BCG potential test?