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In this case, the growth strategies are framed around the building blocks of the revenue stream. Other than base the growth strategies on this, what other good viewpoints do we have to develop our growth strategy frameworks?

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Hello Ronnie,

Most of the times the growth strategy consists in increasing revenues. You can do it both focusing on the existing or new products.
There are a lor of detailed frameworks that you can use to approach this typology of cases, feel free to contact me if you want to discuss your own framework.


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A useful framing for growth strategy (as used by Bain) is identifying "where to play" which is about finding attractive profit pools (i.e. large and/ or growing and contestible segments) and "how to win", which is defining what the winning proposition is for the segment vs. current capabilities and other competitive attributes (i.e. source of advantage).

A robust assessment against these lenses can quickly highlight growth opportunities and moreover define a pathway to capturing the opportunity. These can then be prioritised vs, an investment framework (e.g. ease of capture vs. size) to define the growth strategy.

Such an approach can be extended to think about the current core and addressable adjacencies (which are likely to be harder for us to capture but potentially lucrative if we can execute).

Hope this is helpful!


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