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Got rejected with future possibility of a job (Oliver Wyman)

Anonym A fragte am 30. Jul 2018

Hi, I have a question in regard to reapplying for the same consulting company for a different office or similar position.

I passed a 3rd interview (case studies and chat with the manager and team coordinator) with Oliver Wyman but due to my inability to start immediately (I was at that time living in Asia and applied for a job in Europe), I was not accepted. However, the HR contacted me and asked if I am still interested in a role in their company because they may have an opening a few months later, which may suit me better. Actually, it was an offer for a better position than the one I originally applied for. However, I have not heard back from them even after contacting them. Therefore, I am wondering, if it would be ok to apply for another position within Oliver Wyman, preferably for a different office or if this is looked down upon. Thank you

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Vlad antwortete am 30. Jul 2018
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This is a very specific situation and no one knows what they have put in the system. I assume that since it was not a reject and you've passed the interviews, then everything is fine.

Have you called the HR or it was just an e-mail? I believe you should call the HR to clarify the situation.


antwortete am 30. Jul 2018
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Before you do anything, you should contact HR to check with them. I wouldn't think it is looked down upon, but as Vlad said, this is a very specific situation and you can't be sure until you have spoken to HR.

Anonym A antwortete am 31. Jul 2018

Hello, yes that is true I contacted them only via email. I assumed that might be sufficient but I can see now that it was not. Additionally, at the time of the recruiting process, I found it surprising, but they always contacted me through the phone when there was an update or invitation to a next stage or when they told me why they did not accept me, but now it makes more sense. I am simply more used to emails since I feel that when I call I am actually bothering people.

Anyway, thank you for your help and suggestions.

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