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I am willing to apply for a consultant position after completing PhD and working for 1 year in a big international company. I am ready to travel a lot for long- and short-term assignments, but I would prefer to be based in my current country (CH), as I can get permanent residence and passport in a few years (I have unlimited work permit already). Will it hurt my changes of getting a job at MBB? Also, If I apply for a job in Zurich/Geneva, is it possible that they offer me an interview, but in Munich or London? Or reject me because of limited opprotunities in those offices where I applied?

Thanks for your reply,



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Hi Andre,

as mentioned by Norah and Vlad, you can select your preferences and will be called by the offices in order of your preference list, so far that your profile is attractive for that office.

Your preference for local projects won’t affect your chances to get an offer, simply because they won’t know that before ;) Moreover, since as you mentioned you are available to travel, I cannot see how this could affect negatively your application anyway.

Once you join, you can express your preference for projects in Switzerland and this will be considered for project allocations; obviously, you should still be flexible, in particular in the first period after joining, in case of international projects.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Andre,
Thanks for your message.

In your application, I would suggest to choose 3 to 4 locations (this is to be specified online at BCG, Bain and McKinsey).
Unless there is an economic circumstance in Zurich/Geneva, they will offer you an interview as long as your profile matches with the need of the office.

I would also suggest to network with the offices you are interested in, maybe with alumna from your school/current company in order to have a referral and understand what the office currently needs in terms of qualifications.
Let me know by PM if you have any questions,
Best of luck in your interviews,

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When you are applying, you select several countries and put the % split. So technically you should add other preferences. By default, you'll be invited to the country of your first preference if you have a work permit, unless there is a hiring freeze / limited number of opened position in that country.


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