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After the final round, I didn't receive an offer from McK, That was my second attempt (I've studied about 130 hours +- 30 cases). But the HR said me that I have potential and they will give me the chance to redo my final round for another position. Firstly, I was applying for BA position. Now, they give me the chance to be in a final round for Fellow Business Analyst (According with glassdoor, the wage is about 70% of BA). It is a 24 month program (Long time to become BA hehe)

I would like to know more about this position. It was an opportunity for a LATAM office.

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antwortete am 19. Jul 2021
Ex-McKinsey London final round interviewer

Fellow BA is a pre-BA role in some geographies such as LATAM, SE Asia and Africa. It's designed to be a 2 year programme but I have seen high performers progress more rapidly and it also gives you a great foundation before you are expected to be working more independently. If you are keen on being a consultant then I would just take it as it will make no difference in the long run but if you hvae competiting offers where you can start in a more progressed role then I would think twice.

Good luck! 

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antwortete am 20. Jul 2021
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Hi there,

A Fellow BA is a position used in some countries as a step before BA.

You can find some more information at the following link of McKinsey Brazil, by clicking on "Current students and recent graduates":




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Ex-McKinsey London final round interviewer
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