Exit opps MBB vs Strategy&

Anonym A fragte am 11. Apr 2018 - 3 Antworten

Hello everybody,

What is the difference between the exit opps from Strategy& and an MBB after c.3 years of experience? (for MBAs, corporate strategy roles at F500, etc.)


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Anonym antwortete am 11. Apr 2018


That highlyg depends on the country (geography) and end goal you're asking for, especially if you are looking to transition to the industry - can be quite similar in some countries; in some others there's a huge difference (e.g., London). If your goal is to do an MBA program, then it's pretty much the same chances.



Anonym antwortete am 11. Apr 2018


Often it's not so much about being open to one and closed to other. The biggest difference I've seen in the geographies I know better (Lisbon and London) is the ease to transition. You can still go pretty much to any other company, but

(i) it's likely that you end up in a lower position in the target company (that said, it's unlikely you can transition to a really big company and get a leadership position in just 2/3 years with a consulting; that happen often in the past but not anymore);

(ii) you need to network and move yourself more (work harder) to get such opportunity, as you don't have so much visibility to client senior positions (that can hire you from the consulting firm if you do a good job) nor your consulting brand is so strong


Anonym A antwortete am 11. Apr 2018

Thanks for your reply.

In my case it's in Continental Europe (not London).

Indeed I guess any exit would be harder with Strategy&, but is there an exit that would be litterally closed to a Strategy& alumn and open to a MBB? I guess PE would be nearly impossible after Strategy& for instance, but is there anything else?