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Encouraged to Reapply Upon Unsuccessful R1 Interviews

Anonym A fragte am 10. Okt 2019 - 5 Antworten

Hi peers / experts,

I concluded my R1 interviews with McKinsey. When one of my interviewers called to communicate that they are unable to let me through to the next round, he also mentioned that:

  • my result was close to a succesful first round, and
  • that I should reapply in 12-18 months

Q1: Is the encouragement to reapply a genuine indication or is it likely to be a mere courtesy that is said to most unsuccessful applicants?

Q2: Is the interview who called to provide feedback was the one who has likely had to reject a candidate based on their interview performance?

Thank you for sharing your thought!

5 Antworten

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antwortete am 10. Okt 2019
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Hello Anonymous,

1) The interviewer has no reason to tell you that it was close if it wasn't. However, I wouldn't wait that long and focus my entire planning on it, because even then you have no guarantee of an invitation.
Now you should better focus on the applications at the other companies.
But first of all, it is not important how close your rejection was, much more important is why you were rejected. Try to find out and work on these points.
2) Often the interviewer who voted against you will tell you the rejection. however, this is not a fixed rule that always applies.

Best regards,

Content Creator
antwortete am 1. Nov 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

concerning your questions:

1) The standard ban is 24 months, since they are reducing the period for you it means this is a genuine indication

2) There is no strict rule on this


antwortete am 11. Okt 2019
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Encouragement to reapply is general feedback provided to most applicants, however, the fact that they told you that your performance was close to going through to the next round, this already indicates a positive impression you left on the interviewers.

The person who calls you to provide feedback is usually the one who has time to spare compared to other interviewers (not all of them will be available to speak to you given project commitments).



antwortete am 10. Okt 2019
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1) Yes it's genuine! Pls reapply!

2) No, it's the person who had the time to call you


antwortete am 10. Okt 2019
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Happy to help:

  1. It is a genuine indication indeed - however not a guarantee that you will secure an interview slot next time around. My advise here is to use a referral next time around, which would also allow you to reapply earlier.
  2. Yes, in the majority of the cases it is the person who rejected you (if only 1 person did) the one to call.

Have you tried BCG and Bain yet?

Hope this helps.

Best, Aws