Do you have any info on the AlixPartners numerical and verbal test they do?

AlixPartners recruiting recruitment test
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Andrea fragte am 22. Jan. 2020
Strategy consultant

Hi, I hope you all are well, please see below my question

Do you have any information on the numerical and verbal test they do in their offices? I have done already two telephonic interviews

How difficult is it compared to GMAT or McK test?



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Anonym antwortete am 8. Feb. 2020

it's a different test, rather similar to one at RB.

It consists of three parts:

  • Math
  • Logic
  • Verbal part

I can recommend you: select "elements practice test"

Feel free to reach out if you need any other help to get an offer.



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antwortete am 16. Juli 2020
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I wuold suggest you to practice with GMAT.

GMAT unfortunately only gets better with practicing. Good news is that there are many ways of doing so!

There are free exams in the internet that you can use for practice (the one of LBS MBA page, Verits prep, as well as some free trials for courses such as the one of The Economist (

Hope it helps!



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