Do Recruiters Look at your Transcript?

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Anonym A fragte am 2. Aug. 2018

I know that they will look at GPA but do they specifically look at what classes you take and does it matter?

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Hi Anonymous,

in general the only things that will matter for recruiters related to your university are:

  • Brand name of the university
  • GPA
  • Major

Having said that, if you put the classes you took in your CV (eg PhD classes or other relevant ones) the interviewer may ask about it, since they will receive your CV. This actually happened to me in an interview, where the interviewer saw I did a Game Theory class and asked me an introductory question related to that.



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Consultants only get your CV.

Everything else they do after the interview:

  1. HR will check your transcripts after you get the offer. Classes don't matter once you are there
  2. Security service will check your background, if you have equities in other companies, employment records, etc. They may call prior employers undercover to check some info, but they will be just checking the details of your employment, not your performance.


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Anonym antwortete am 4. Aug. 2018

The short answer is no. Recruiters will see what you provide them on your CV. Some companies (like McKinsey) give you the option to attach your transcript, but this is optional.

The only situation where they might look more closely is for a specific role within Analytics/Digital team where they might care about grades in specific classes - but even this is extremely unlikely.

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