Difference between a Business Analyst and an Associate in BCG?

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Hi, I am based in South East Asia. 

I have heard about the role of an associate on PrepLounge but not much on a business analyst at BCG specifically.

Any ex-BCGers who knows what are the differences between a business analyst and an associate? 

Also, for case interviews are they evaluated differently?


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Depending on the office the following titles are observed in BCG (in increasing order of seniority):

  • Business Analyst
  • Junior Associate
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Consultant

BCG Middle East has Business Analyst positions targeted for fresh undergrads. Not sure about SEA system.

Grading criteria are always different for different levels. The more senior the level - the higher the bar. Check out this question for more details. https://www.preplounge.com/en/consulting-forum/grading-criteria-mck-11103

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Hi there,

It's interesting because the BA role really only seems to exist at BCG for developing markets. It's essentially a role before Associate, as in, it's the true “entry-level” role.

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ex-BCG Dubai PL | 100% Personalised Coaching | 2021 Real Cases only | 6+ years in Consulting
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