Deloitte Digital - exit options

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I have an offer for Deloitte Digital but I am indecisive what to do since I have another offer going in a completely different direction (trainee in industry). I wanted to ask some advice re. what you think possible exit options would be for Deloitte Digital. Also, how do you think Deloitte digital counts as consulting experience, if I would like to say switch to strategy or BD within a manufacturing company which is looking for people with strategy consulting experience?

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If you think about the potential exit options, two of them come in mind:

  1. Technology
  2. Traditional consulting exits

Re the first option - based on my experience in tech in Silicon Valley, digital arms of the consulting companies do not count as a relevant experience in tech. Thus you'll not be able to sell this experience

Re 2nd option - you can sell it as traditional consulting experience for sure. You may an have additional advantage if you are applying to companies going through digital transformation (e.g. Agile, Omni channel, etc)