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1. Task: prepare a few slides about the industrialization of the bank industry. knowledge from the automotive and car industry can be transferred onto these industrys.

2. Task: you take a cab ride with a client. you should connect with that person on the personal level and get information whether this client is happy with the progress of the project

3. prepare a slide about a cosmetics client: you need to decide whether to enter the chineses, brazil or russian cosmetics market. chinese looks best (mop)


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Anonym A antwortete am 4. Mai 2016

bcg case 2nd round german office:

1. your client is a german car rental company, charges 250 Euro for renting out a mercedes s-class. the customer can ride 300km for free and gets charged an additional fee for every extra-km. how much should our client charge in order to achieve the same profit margin for the first 300km as for every km thereafter.

very unconventional case; key is costs=purchase price mercedes s-class - sale price mercedes s-class after 20 Th driven km. (70000-60000 = 10000). thus costs (for each km)=10000D/20000km=0.5D/km

some other people got asked following:

1. Please estimate the german market for dog arthrosis medicine; straight-forward: household-based estimation of dogs; age of arthritis; incidenc; how many dogs get diagnosed? how many dogs get treated...

2. how many chicken farms are there in the world?

3. your client is a german drug manufacturer. next year the patent for one of the drugs expires. please estimate the revenues for this drug next year after expiration of the patent.

good luck;)

Anonym C antwortete am 25. Nov 2018

Got an update:

1. Brainstorming on a certain practical topic (e.g. how to improve work quality for consultants).

2. Present slides to the partner, defend assumptions and methodology (i.e. come up with some reasonable explanation for the numbers)

3. Talk to an unhappy client, try to understand the problem and find solution.

Anonym B antwortete am 23. Jul 2017

Any updates out there?

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