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BCG Potential Test

BCG BCG Online Test BCG Potential Test BCG Reasoning Test
Neue Antwort am 27. Juli 2020
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Anonym E fragte am 23. Juli 2020

Hi does anybody know how to prepare best for BCG Potential Test? (50min - 53 questions) Test is on tuesday next week!

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Abraham antwortete am 27. Juli 2020
Currently working as an innovation consultant within a boutique consulting firm


Good luck for the test! Currently, I'm also preparing for the same version (50min - 53 question). PM me and I can send you a test sheet of this version what I found online last week!


Florian am 27. Juli 2020

Hi Abraham, I can not PM you due to premium function. We can exchange material via florian - winters () t - online .de

Abraham am 27. Juli 2020

sent you the email

Meng am 9. Aug. 2020

Hi Abraham, I'm currently for BCG test. Would it be possible for you to kindly share with me the material via 375016447()t - REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Anonym antwortete am 24. Juli 2020

Hi A!

BCG test includes 23 questions and you will be given about 45 minutes to complete it. This means you will have two minutes to solve each question on average.

The BCG online case is very similar to a regular case the only difference being that your direction in the business case is guided by the questions being asked. So it will be similar to an "interviewer-led" case format. There are a lot of resources online for case solving and all you need to do is Google. If you want to sharpen your case skills in general I would recommend Victor Cheng's Case Interview Secrets by Victor Cheng and his book.

However, since the BCG Online Case is also a single-choice test, you can also use this format to your advantage. You’ll receive+3 points for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers. Currently, the inofficial cut-off score is below 70-75%.

Message me if you have any other specific questions and all the best!



Florian am 24. Juli 2020

Thanks Andre! They told me the Test will be 53 questions in 50 min. What do you think is the best strategy? More questions and potentially more errors or less questions and less errors? But it sill is similar to GMAT and has lengthy questions