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BCG Fit Interview

Shuhao fragte am 1. Okt 2018 - 2 Antworten
Preparing for MBB interviews; experience in pwc

Hi everyone,

I have a BCG interview this Friday and I realized that I am not quite familar with their fit interview format. I know that it ranges around10-15 minutes, but I am wondering how many stories I should prepare and additionally how long I should tailor my answer to. Should I talk 1-2 sentence and then dive deep for about 4 minutes or should I give a 2 minute summary? Someone told me that BCG consultant can ask you a couple behavorial questions.

Thank you so much.

Jackson Fan

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antwortete am 1. Okt 2018
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Hi Jackson,

The fit section of BCG's interview is nowhere as detailed as McKinsey's PEI. You should be comfortable discussing your CV, motivations for different career moves and of course why BCG / consulting. Not much more than that. While it may vary by office, in my experience, BCG doesn't generally ask the "give me an example of leadership / conflict / failure / ..." kind of questions.

Hope it helps.



antwortete am 1. Okt 2018
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There is no strict rule. I general, I suggest you develop 3 or 4 stories you can reuse in a variety of settings.

For each question, follow a framework. A good one is STAR (situation, task, action, result); each section should be 1 or 2 sentences long, but dont forget to also explain what you have done versus what the team has done.

Last but not least - yes, there will be some behavioral.all this is very standard, nothing really specific to BCG.

PS: dont forget to also explain why consulting/BCG

Hope this else; good luck!

Guennael - ex-BCG Dallas

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