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Applying to other office after getting rejected

Anonym A fragte am 24. Jan 2019 - 6 Antworten

Hello PL community,

If a candidate gets rejected at CV selection stage, is it possible for that same candidate to apply again but for a different office. Considering the undisclosed reasons could be headcount/staffing or just bad timing.



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antwortete am 26. Jan 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

if you have applied online it is very likely you have been flagged in the system; in this case, reapplying during the ban period will normally lead to rejection due to the previous application.

If you have applied “informally” forwarding your CV via referral, you may have not been reported in the system. If that’s the case, the previous rejection won’t be considered and you will be assessed again with the new documents uploaded.

Hope this helps,


antwortete am 25. Jan 2019
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Since you don't know the real reasons for the reject - you should assume that you are flagged in the system. Highly unlikely you'll be invited for an interview to a different office. This happens though when people change e-mail and names sometimes. But you are cheating the system and it's also a risk.

The different question is how long is the ban? You can check it with HR.


antwortete am 24. Jan 2019
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It is always "possible" to reapply - nothing / no-one will stop you from applying. Your real question si whether you may still be invited for an interview. I think the answer is "it depends" on if the company has flagged you in their system. More than likely, they will have, but not always.

You could also call HR; probably unlikely they'd flag you then if they haven't already.

Whatever you decide, don't forget to keep buidling your profile so you have better odds the next time around. Good luck

DianeAult antwortete am 28. Jan 2019

Have you checked for this CV?

Anonym B antwortete am 25. Jan 2019


I think at the stage of the CV check it is another matter compared to the Case Interviews. In case of a rejection with regard to your CV it might be that it is not about your experiences and skills, but that you have a potential mistake in your CV. Have you checked for this? In this case, it might be possible to apply to another office with a corrected CV. In case your CV is fine, then it is rather about your experiences and you might want to recheck with HR, as the others were suggesting.

Best of luck!

Anthony antwortete am 25. Jan 2019

Yes, Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX agree now you should check out how long the ban will be. You should communicate with HR.