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2nd Tier/Boutique Firms and In-House in Germany

Anonym A fragte am 29. Okt 2018

Hi All! I am aiming for MBB in Germany but know I need to apply to a wider selection of firms.

Can anyone recommend good 2nd tier or boutique firms in Germany? Preferably ones which do some international projects. While I’d like to work for a consulting firm, I’m also looking to apply to In-House consulting departments as well to keep my options open. Any suggestions? Open to all locations in Germany.

The main ones I know:

Accenture, Oliver Wymann, Roland Burger, AT Kearney, CapGemini

Siemen’s, DHL, Bayer

Thank you!

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Francesco antwortete am 29. Okt 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I would consider Strategy& and Monitor Deloitte. There are also several other international companies you may add to the list like ADL, Parthenon-EY and Simon-Kucher, although they are not usually considered 2nd tier.



antwortete am 29. Okt 2018
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I can highly recommend SMP in Düsseldorf. Not very international, but VERY cool projects and clients. Great culture.

If you want to work more internationally, goetzpartners is a good option. Doing quite a few global projects and have a number of international offices. Good culture as well.

Both pay very well and on junior levels more or less on par with MBB.

E.ON has a solid inhouse consulting and with the Innogy takeover loads of interesting work.



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