Grocery Wholesaler

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Our client Fresh Groceries is a prominent wholesale food company that is trying to increase their profitability.

The client currently sells a variety of food items and is collecting a significant amount of business and generating sufficient profit. However, the company is trying to gain more profitability from its existing lines of business.

I. Background

II. Analysis – Current Business Situation

1. What assessments/assumptions can you make from the diagram?

II. Analysis – Gross Margins

1) Please indicate what should be on the x-axis

2) Please illustrate the relationship between gross margin and what was concluded the x-margin was. (Refer to previous question).

II. Analysis – Elasticity

What observations can you make from the diagram?

III. Recommendation

What conclusions have you made for Fresh Groceries Wholesale?

Weitere Fragen

More questions to be added by you, interviewer!

10,4 Tsd.
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