The Top 5 Questions

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  • Questions
  • Tell me something about your background.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it?
  • What did your boss or colleagues criticize about you?
  • Do you rather work in a team or independently?


Almost certainly, one of the top 5 questions will be used during the interview. While listening to the answers, keep in mind the two major criteria you have to evaluate:

Can I work with this candidate closely in a team every day?
Can I send the candidate to a client alone?

Make sure, the candidate follows the three basic rules for personal fit questions:

  • Provision of a clear roadmap: The candidate has time to think of a structured answer.
  • Using distinctive answers: Examples instead of generic answers help to remember a candidate.
  • Using the answer to sell him/herself: The statements should still answer the question, but in a way that the candidate conveys useful skills.


Tell me something about your background. Why should we hire you?


  • A sentence or two that sets the stage for further discussion.
  • Setting apart from others and giving a unique selling proposition.
  • Illustrating the biggest strength and the major benefit that a consulting company will derive from this strength.


  • Providing a long story through the CV, repeating all the points.
  • Giving a long list of skills and talents.
  • Telling irrelevant stories about the past that a not related to consulting requirements, like where the candidate was born and raised.

Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it?


  • Describing the situation you encountered in detail.
  • Telling how the candidate used his/her skills to analyze the problem before he/she considered solutions.
  • Explaining the solution that was selected and the approach – giving arguments why this particular solution was chosen.
  • Providing points that were learned from that situation.

What did your boss or colleagues criticize about you?


  • Providing points that the candidate has improved in and turned into a positive result.
  • Giving steps that the candidate has done after the critics and what was learned.


  • Bringing up essential skills necessary for consulting.
  • Stating a strength covered as weakness.

Do you rather work in a team or independently?


  • Highlighting positive of both work styles.
  • Highlighting negative aspects of both types and how to prevent them.
  • Providing examples.


  • Focussing and preferring only one work style. Consulting needs both.

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